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Protect Your Investment From Unpredictable Events

Each year in Indiana, people are caught unprepared for devastating events like storms, natural disasters, and fires. If you don’t have homeowner insurance to protect you after these incidents, you must pay for the cost of repairs or rebuilding on your own.

Don’t let your home--your greatest investment--go unprotected by failing to have sufficient homeowner insurance. In fact, if you are buying your first home, you may have already been told by your lender that homeowner insurance is required. We think it’s just good sense.

If your home is damaged, homeowner insurance reimburses you for reconstruction, even if it’s from the ground up. In addition to your dwelling, the contents of your home are protected as well

Consider Additional Insurance for Special Situations

There are a few special situations that are not typically covered by homeowner policies, but coverage for these can be easily added to your basic policy.

We are independent agents at Hummel Insurance Inc., serving you with customized insurance tailored to your unique requirements. We have many more options than large insurance companies do, and we give you the kind of personalized service that’s missing from most businesses these days.

Call us at 812-537-1785, or get in touch online to request a quote or more information. You will love the peace of mind you get from knowing your home is protected the way it should be.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to how and where you buy your Indiana car insurance. Choosing an independent insurance agent like Hummel Insurance Inc. ensures you still have choices, but also have a trusted advisor that you can depend on to help you find the policy that best fits your needs.

Hummel Insurance Inc. works with a wide range of insurance companies that offer reliable Indiana car insurance. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.


The right homeowner policy provides many benefits that go beyond protecting your structure and personal effects. Liability coverage is also included. This protects you if someone has a slip-and-fall accident on your property, for example, and successfully sues you for damages.

Most homeowner policies also provide loss of use coverage, sometimes referred to as alternative living expenses. This coverage pays for you to live elsewhere, often for up to two years, if your home is not habitable and you must vacate during repairs or rebuilding.

Whether you’re shopping for your college student, just starting out yourself, between houses, relocating, or simply downsizing, Hummel Insurance Inc. can help you pick the Indiana renters insurance policy that best fits your needs.

We partner with reputable insurance companies to ensure a wide range of choices to meet your unique needs. Be sure to ask us about discounts for apartments with security systems and customers who insure their cars with the same company as their renters insurance policy.


Your time out on the water should be relaxing and fun (and safe!). Be sure your watercraft and equipment is properly insured. Hummel Insurance Inc. offers customized policies that meet your needs and your budget. Our partnership with multiple insurance companies allows us to find just the right coverage for you.

Whether you've bought your first boat, expanded your fleet to include a couple of JetSkis, or are simply reviewing your options, Hummel Insurance Inc. can help with your Indiana boat insurance needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

If you're shopping for insurance for your first motorcycle, you have a lot of coverage options to consider. Hummel Insurance Inc. can help you look at all the choices, and put together a motorcycle insurance policy that works for you and your budget.

If you're looking to insure your newly upgraded ride, or simply reviewing your policy (always a smart idea!), we're happy to help you explore all of your Indiana motorcycle insurance options.

Let Hummel Insurance Inc. review your needs and make a recommendation for a policy that fits your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more.


While your condo association likely carries an insurance policy that covers their property and the physical structures as well as common areas on the property, as a condo-owner, you want to ensure your property and possessions are adequately covered. From your appliances to your personal possessions to the upgrades you've added to the unit, Hummel Insurance Inc. can help you ensure that you're insured.

Hummel Insurance Inc. partners with many insurance companies that offer complete Indiana condo insurance. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Whether you hit the road a couple times per year or spend months at a time seeing the countryside from your RV, Hummel Insurance Inc. can help find the right RV insurance policy for you.

The insurance companies we work with provide a wide range of coverage options, from vacation liability to 24/7 roadside assistance.

Hummel Insurance Inc. has helped many Indiana RV owners with their insurance needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you too.


As a rental property owner, you're no stranger to the challenges that come with being a landlord. No two rental properties are the same, and the insurance coverage needed for your real estate investments is just as unique. While you don't need to worry about insuring the personal possessions of your tenant, there's a whole host of other coverages to consider, from liability coverage for legal fees to workers compensation for your maintenance or administrative employees.

Hummel Insurance Inc. works with insurance companies that offer insurance packages specifically for Indiana landlords. Contact us today to find out more.

Some parts of the state have experienced increased flooding, damage from which isn’t covered by your homeowner policy. Ask us about federal and private flood insurance if this is a concern for you.

Hummel Insurance Inc. insures homes of all kinds. Some homeowners definitely need flood insurance, while others don't live in a high-risk area and can get by without it. Let us evaulate your needs and help you decide if flood insurance is advisable. Contact us today to learn more.

Classic Car

Insurance for classic cars is a bit more involved than the average auto insurance policy, but Hummel Insurance Inc. can help you find the right balance between coverage and your budget.

Whether your restoring an antique or just purchased a classic car, you'll want to protect your investement.

Hummel Insurance Inc. works with insurance companies that specialize in insuring classic and antique cars. Contact us today to find out more.

An umbrella insurance policy can provide extra liability coverage when your regular homeowner liability protection has reached its limit. This coverage is particularly recommended for high net worth individuals and for dog owners.

Whether you're a homeowner or drive a car, motorcycle, boat, RV or ATV, an umbrella policy should be considered.

Hummel Insurance Inc. works with many insurance companies who offer affordable umbrella policies. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.


Life insurance policies are unique and depend on your personal and financial needs. As your life changes, your life insurance should evolve. Getting married, having a baby, purchasing your first home, starting a business, or retiring all warrant a review of your life insurance policy.

Hummel Insurance Inc. can help you weigh your life insurance options. The choices can be overwhelming for the average person, and it's our goal to make the decision easier. We'll look at different insurance companies and coverage types and help you determine the best fit for your current situation.

If you have financial goals for you and your family but lack the time or knowledge to implement them, we can help. Not only are we independent insurance agents, but we offer guidance with securities, investments, and financial services as well.

It can be difficult to know when and where to invest, especially in these challenging times. But there are opportunities to grow your wealth in any market, and we can help you find them, with a healthy balance between risk and return on investment.

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